How to use Concordance search in XTM Workbench


Concordance in the XTM Cloud UI

  1. To make Concordance available for users with the linguist role from XTM Cloud UI level (global settings), a user with the Administrator role needs to activate the relevant option in Configuration → Settings → Translation → Workflow and access → Linguist general options Linguist access to TM metadata & Concordance.

2024-05-07 13_53_58-Window.png
  1. Then, a user with the administrator/project manager role can set the Concordance availability level for every user individually by going to Users → User list → (select a user) → Access rights → ConcordanceAccess to TM metadata & Concordance.

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  1. The Concordance section will be displayed for a user in the main the XTM Cloud UI ribbon on the top of the page.

Concordance in Workbench

  1. Open XTM Workbench for a particular file (see How to open a file for translation in a created project for more information).

  2. Select a word in the source text. Right-click it to open the context menu, select Concordance, and choose either of the options displayed to look for that specific phrase in the source/target language, in the translation memory.

Note that, in the Concordance panel, the selected word will be found in the source text. That is because the word was searched for by using Concordance search in source language, in this case.

Similarly, if we use Concordance search in target language, the selected word will be searched for in the target text.

  1. Instead of selecting a particular phrase directly in the editor, you can also enter it in the Concordance search field:

  1. Dedicated shortcuts can also be set up for XTM Workbench Concordance in Settings → ShortcutsGeneral section.

You also have the option to detach the whole Concordance module in XTM Workbench and display it as a separate tab in the browser:

Good to know!

To learn about how actual concordance search works, and find out about additional search options, we recommend that you read this article: Concordance search.