How to enable and add a pivot language (pre-processing) to a project


Pre-processing enables a project manager to create a project with a pre-processing workflow. This can be useful for:

  • locking segments so they are not taken for translation,

  • editing the source text before analysis and translation (in this case the new source language is the same as the original source language),

  • using pivot languages (here, the source language is first translated into one language, and then that target language becomes the new source for the translation into other target languages).


  1. As a user with the Administrator role, go to Configuration → Settings → Workflow → Workflow optionsPre-processing.

When pre-processing is enabled, you can select the default behavior during project creation:

  • No: → You can enable pre-processing during project creation, but it is disabled by default.

  • Yes, source segmentation: → The new source text segmentation matches the segmentation of the original source text.

  • Yes, new source segmentation: → The new source text is segmented on the basis of the content supplied during the pre-processing step. As a result, there might be a difference in segmentation between the pre-processing and actual translation workflow steps.

  1. When creating a project, enable Pre-processing. Also, select a New source language in the Translation section.

  1. Go to Workflow, select a linguist who will translate from the source to the pivot (pre-processing) language and save the changes.

  1. When the pivot translation has finished, return to the workflow settings. You can now assign linguists for target languages and continue the standard translation process for your projects.