How to manage a translation memory (TM) in XTM Cloud


Translation memory stores previously translated texts in translation memory entries that consist of source and target text. The TM Manager window is where you import, edit, and export your translation memory.

To have access to the translation memory section, the user needs to have a TM Expert role assigned in their user settings.

In addition, in the Access rights tab, and then in the Translation memory section of the user settings, you can specify the customers to whom that particular user shall have access, use user language combinations only or customize specific TM access rights.


  1. Go to the TM Manage section.

  1. Select the Account and Customer (you can display translation memory for all customers), the source and target languages and a particular Project. (Again, you can choose all of them). Then click the Search button. You can also search for a translation memory unit on the basis of the words it contains, the ID in the database or the source file ID.

  1. Translation memory search results have now been displayed in the table below.

  1. Click any row to edit its contents. You can edit either the source or target text.

The edited text is saved automatically and the modification icon is displayed.

  1. Use the Search phrase field to find and replace text in the target text. Enter text in the Search phrase field and click the Search button. Then enter the new text in the Replace with field, and click the Replace all button. Remember that you can only perform a replace in the target segment (due to safety restrictions).

  1. You can also use the following tools, which are placed on the left and right-hand side of the page, to manage translation memory entries.

  1. Status to the right of a particular TM row indicates whether or not this entry is approved. You can change its status any time.