How to export a translation memory (TM) from XTM Cloud


  1. First, you need to have a TM Expert role in order to be able to manage translation memory. To activate the role, go to Users User list → (select a user) → General General info, and apply the TM Expert role in the Roles section.

  1. Furthermore, in the Access rights tab, and then in the Translation memory section of the user’s settings, enable the Export option.

  1. Once you have a user with the relevant rights, go to TM TM export.

  1. Proceed as follows:

  • Select a Customer to export your TM from (you can select all of them).

  • Select a Source language (you can choose all of them → if you do so, the target language is set to "All" by default).

  • Specify a Project to export your TM from (you can select all of them).

  • Select a Status to specify if you want to export a TM which is approved, not approved or both.

  • Select the Type to set the file format for your export. Keep in mind the restriction concerning valid file extensions: TMX, XLS, single language XLIFF file.

  • Finally, click on the Export button.


In Segment ID, click on the three dots icon on the right-hand side to open a popup. Then enter or paste multiple source file segment IDs in the Segment ID popup.


Keep in mind that Segment ID matching must be enabled for your XTM Cloud instance before this option can be used.

Also, only enter one segment ID per line!

  1. Once the TM has been exported, its status will be Done. It will be listed in the Status column under the export form, and the file can be downloaded.