How to generate a target & pseudo target

Generating target


  1. First, users with the Linguist role need to have access to the target download granted. This can only be granted by administrators. To do so, select Configuration → Settings → Translation → Workflow and accessLinguist general options.

Once you are logged in as the relevant user, go to Tasks → Closed (if the task has been finished), and click on the name of a particular task to open XTM Workbench.

In XTM Workbench, go to File Download target file.

The target file will be generated and ready to download at the bottom right corner of the page:

  1. Make sure that the linguists have been granted access to the File Manager (Configuration → Settings → Translation → Workflow and accessAllow setup of File upload/download options by project managers).

Make sure that the task has not been finished yet, and go to Tasks Active, click on the context menu of a particular task, and then select Open File Manager.

First generate and then download a target file from the Target section:

Administrators/project managers

  1. Go to Projects Project list, and click on the name of a specific project.

Alternatively, you can go to the Files section straight away, from the project context menu:

While in the Project editor, go to Files, select the relevant Target language (if there is more than one). Then, generate and then download a target file from the Target section.

  1. In the All files section, you can also download all the target files for a particular target language at once, if there are more than one source files.

Generating target after step

You can also generate a target file after a selected workflow step in Project editor → Files → (select the relevant target language) → Target Generate target after step. The translation in the generated target will reflect the changes made up to that specific step.

Generating pseudo target

Aside from generating target files, it is also possible to generate the pseudo target. Use this option to download a target file in which all the text that has been extracted for translation is replaced by an underscore. You can then quickly see if all the text has been extracted correctly, without actually doing any translation.

  1. To use this feature, you first need to enable it in the global settings. Go to Configuration → Settings → Files → File generationEnable generating pseudo translation (administrative privileges required!).

  1. Next, go to Project editor → Files → (select the relevant target language) → Target Generate pseudo target.