How to create a QA (Quality Assurance) profile and apply it to a project


QA settings are arranged in the QA profiles, which you can select during project creation,. You can also customize or change them entirely after creating the project. By default, a Global QA profile is applied to all projects, customers, and languages. You can create your own QA profiles when you need different settings for customers or different scenarios. Also, you can have different settings for the languages of your choice in a single QA profile.


Creating a new QA profile

  1. As a user with the Administrator role, go to Configuration → SettingsQA, and Add QA profile.

  1. Add the Name of the QA profile. Also, specify if it should apply for all customers (Global) or one selected in the Customer field. Optionally, you can add a Description for your profile. Next, select your preferred target language(s) in the Target language field – a Language specific tab is displayed next to the General tab. In the former case, select the settings that will apply for the selected language. XTM Workbench will recognize language-specific QA configurations for selected languages. Global QA settings will be used for languages without a language-specific setup (General tab).

  1. In the rest of the sections, select the QA checks that you want them to apply in your projects. You can also create your own Regular expressions (regex) rules or use the preexisting rules to perform an in-depth quality assurance check (see Regular expressions (regex) in a QA profile for more information). After setting up the profile, select Save.

  1. Now you can seamlessly select a newly-created QA profile at the project creation stage in QA profile (the Translation section).

Modifying a QA profile in an existing project

You can change/modify the settings in a QA profile in an existing project.

  1. Go to Project editor → General infoQA Profile, and select a new QA profile from the dropdown or click the pencil symbol to modify the existing one.

  1. Change the configuration of the current QA profile to meet your requirements and then select Apply to this project.

From now on, the pencil icon will be highlighted in blue, indicating that the QA profile for this particular project has been modified!


You do not need to reanalyze the project: the changes apply immediately after a new XTM Workbench session is started.

Good to know!

Once you set up the QA profile for a project, you might want to find out how to perform a QA check on a translated document. For this, see the relevant article: How to perform a QA for a file.