How to create a dashboard


The dashboards give a management overview of your business. You can create multiple dashboards, each of which contains several graphs or widgets that display your chosen information. You can give your dashboard a custom name. A dashboard can be given a custom name and docked on the sub-menu bar. The graphs are displayed in columns. Only a user with the administrator/project manager role can create dashboards.


Customizing an existing dashboard

  1. Go to Projects Dashboards.

There are two preset widgets:

  1. Use the first button to refresh the data and charts, the second to edit a widget, and the third to remove it.

  1. When you have clicked the Widget settings icon, a number of options are displayed. Change them to suit your needs and then click the Save button to apply your settings. You can also a dashboard's name.

  1. Click the plus (+) symbol to add a new company dashboard.

  1. Select the data you want to display and click the Save button.

  1. Click the Settings icon to Add a new column, Edit the dashboard or delete it.

Creating a new dashboard

  1. Click the Manage dashboards button.

  1. Click the Add button. Specify the name for the new dashboard, decide if you want to dock it on a sub-menu, and click the Save button.