How to check a project word count



  1. Open XTM Workbench for a particular file (see How to open a file for translation in a created project for more information). In XTM Workbench, go to File Metrics.

A popup containing the word count is displayed:

If you scroll down a little, you will see a complete Metrics table whose contents include word count:

  1. Go to Tasks → Planned/Active/Closed, click on the context menu for a particular file, and select Show metrics.

Word count will be included:

  1. Go to Tasks → Active, and you will see the word count on the right-hand side of the page in the Words column.


Keep in mind that a Linguist can only see the word count for an individual file and not the entire project, even though all the files in a specific project are assigned to that linguist.

Administrators/project managers

  1. Go to Projects Project list, and click on the name of a specific project.

Alternatively, you can go to the Show metrics section straight away, from the project context menu:

While in the Project editor, go to Metrics. Ensure that you select All the relevant target languages (so that you can see the word count for the entire project). You will then see the word count:

  1. Go to Projects Project list, select Columns, and select the Words column:

From now on, the word count for the entire project will be displayed in the main project section:

Good to know!

While in the Metrics section, you can always click either the Save as XLSX or Save as CSV button to export metrics in a report.