Weighted Word Count (WWC)


Weighted Word Count (WWC) measures approximately how much work is left to do in a particular project/language/job, in XTM Cloud. This value is purely for information purposes, for Project managers (PMs) and does not affect the project’s costs or anything else. The WWC cannot be seen in the Metrics tab and is not included in any reports that are available in XTM Cloud. WWC is displayed only in the XTM Cloud UI.

WWC is calculated for each job in a particular project. It can be viewed at three levels:

  • Project: Total WWC and Total Remaining WWC,

  • Language: Remaining WWC,

  • Job: File WWC.

To display WWC-related columns, you can select ProjectsProject list. You will see two WWC-related columns which you can use to filter XTM Cloud projects: Remaining WWC and Total WWC.

How is WWC calculated?

WWC is calculated using metrics and a calculation matrix.

  • Remaining WWC is recalculated each time a particular job is finished or reopened, a project is reanalyzed or files/languages are added or deleted.

  • File WWC can only change when the file is overwritten or the project is reanalyzed.

  • Total WWC can change when languages or files are added or deleted or the project is reanalyzed.

The WWC calculation process:

  1. Each match category (ICE, Leveraged, Fuzzy, etc.) is factored on the basis of on predefined values, e.g. Leveraged 10%, Repetition 10%, etc.

  2. The resulting factor is applied to the Total WWC for each match category. The WWC is presented as follows: 100 repetitions * 10% = 10 weighted words.

  3. The default matrix will look something like this:

  • No matching – 100%;

  • Machine translation – 100%;

  • 75-84% Fuzzy match – 70%;

  • 85-94% Fuzzy match – 60%;

  • 95-99% Fuzzy match – 30%;

  • Leveraged match – 30%;

  • Repeat – 30%;

  • ICE match – 0%;

  • Non-translatable – 0%;

  • Fuzzy repeat (all three) – 100%.

  1. The matrix can be configurable. To configure it so that it is more suitable for your needs, raise a ticket with the XTM International Support team, on our Support Portal.

  2. WWC calculations are performed per file, not per project. The values are also rounded up per file (so 120.4 would be 121), so you might find differences when you use the overall project metrics to calculate the WWC. This is intended to avoid situations in which a file might have 0 WWC, even if it has a segment that needs to be translated.

Example of a calculation:

2 ICE * 0 = 0 247 Leverage * 0.3 = 74.1 6917 MT * 1 = 6917 2386 repetitions * 0.3 = 715.8 Total: 7706.9 - rounded up to 7707