How to create a user with a role


  1. To create users in XTM Cloud, you need to have a project manager (PM) role.

  2. Go to Users User listAdd user.

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  1. Enter the user's First name and Last name. Then select a suitable Role. Make sure it is displayed in the right-hand column. There are seven roles in XTM Cloud:

  • Administrator,

  • Project Manager,

  • Terminologist,

  • TM Expert,

  • (Limited PM) PM - projects & customers,

  • (Limited PM) PM - project creator & viewer,

  • Linguist.


Only Administrators can create new administrators.

Select Workflow steps and check that they are also displayed in the column on the right. Depending on the selected role, workflow steps can be available or greyed out. Only users with a Linguist role can participate in workflow steps.

  1. In the next part of the page, enter the Username and Nickname (displayed in the XTM Messenger). Enter the Password and confirm it in the Confirm password field, enter the e-mail address in the E-mail field and then select the Default currency. Next, click the Save button.

  1. You will need to confirm the changes by entering the user’s password again in a separate dialog window:

  1. In the Access rights section, you can configure various additional permissions for this user.

  1. The newly-created user has been created and is now in the User list.

Once a new user has been created, its login credentials are sent to the email address used to create this user.

Good to know!

Once the user is assigned to the project and you remove the language combination of the user, the user gets unassigned from the project and it will be inactive in the XTM Cloud UI. It will be impossible to search for such projects from the Project list. You would need to add the language combination to the user and assign the project again.