Importing users into XTM Cloud – guidelines


XTM Cloud has the option to import users into XTM Cloud in batch (Users → User list → Import). To do so, you must prepare a specific Excel file that contains all the required columns, each one referencing a corresponding field in the user profile in XTM Cloud.

In the XTM Cloud UI, you can download a sample file, which shows you which data is required in a user import file. Use this sample file as a base file into which you insert your users' data and then import it into the system. To download a sample file, select Users → User list → ImportDownload sample file.

The file is also attached immediately below, for your convenience:


You should use this imported file as your base at all times when importing new users!

There are a couple of substantial technical principles that you need to take into account when importing user data, since even one small mistake in the file might cause some of the users not to be imported, or cause the entire file import process to fail.


  1. There are 58 columns in total, and all of them MUST be present in the file.

  2. Eight columns are highlighted in yellow which means that they MUST have values inserted in them. Make sure that all these columns are filled with the details for every user that you have listed in the file. The columns are as follows: First Name, Last Name, Roles, Username, Nickname, Password, E-mail address, Language Combinations.

  3. If a particular column cell contains more than one value, make sure that you separate them with a comma and do not place any spaces in between them! The only exception to this rule is the Language Combinations column.

  4. In the Roles column, you are presented with the names of all the roles than can be inserted: translator, reviewer, corrector, terminologist, project_manager, tm_expert, pm_creator, pm_limited, cost_approver, Linguist. Make sure that the spelling is exactly the same as shown above.

  5. The values in the Username column MUST be unique! If two or more users in the file have the same username, only the user that occurs first, in the list, will be imported.

  6. The Password column can be tricky. Remember that the user’s password MUST comply with the same requirements as apply for all password creation in XTM Cloud:

  • minimum length: at least 1 character.

  • must contain at least 1 of the following: upper-case letter, lower-case letter, number, non-alphanumeric symbols (e.g. "@", "#", "$").

  1. In the Language Combinations column, you need to pay attention to a couple of things.

  • First of all, the language code used in this column MUST follow a specific pattern: source_LANGUAGE->target_LANGUAGE Example: en_GB->pl_PL. It is important to remember that you must use -> as a directional mark and not, for example, > or .

  • Secondly, if there is more than one language combination, each one must be enclosed in brackets, which also act a sort of separator. The pattern is like this: (en_US -> ar_SA)(en_US -> bg_BG)(en_US -> zh_CN)(en_US -> hr_HR)