How to enable and apply auto-inserted inline tags


XTM Cloud has an excellent feature: auto-inserted inline tags. Whenever inline tags are missing or have been inserted in the target segment in XTM Workbench incorrectly, they can be fixed automatically. The system will propose the inline tags which should be entered into the target segment, and the user can either accept or reject them and insert their own.


  1. As a user with the Administrator role, go to Configuration → Settings → Translation → Workflow and accessInline tags, and activate the Allow Auto-insert inline tags option.


If you are using the option for the first time, XTM Cloud needs to download additional resources, which might result in slow processing.

2. Open XTM Workbench for a particular file, go to Settings General.

  1. The Auto-insert inline tags into target segment option enables two different configurations to be used for automatic placement of inline tags in XTM Workbench: 

  • Only when inserted inline tags are invalid,

  • Only when no inline tags are inserted.

Once you have selected one, click Apply and then Save the changes.

  1. In XTM Workbench, source file tag information (formatting, XML tags, etc.) is automatically converted into inline tags. Tags must be reflected accurately in target segments during translation. The appropriate inline tags are automatically inserted in the target segments, based on the selected configuration.

Click on the icon in the segment Status to accept or icon to reject the auto-inserted inline tags.

Good to know!

Filtering segments with auto-inserted inline tags

To accept or reject auto-inserted tags more quickly, you can set a suitable segment filter.

  1. In XTM Workbench, go to Filter Choose filters.

  1. Expand the Automation section, select Auto-inserted inline tags, and click Apply.

  1. The applied filter will only display segments with auto-inserted inlines.

Setting shortcuts for auto-inserted inline tags

See How to set shortcuts in XTM Workbench for information about how to set shortcuts.

  1. In XTM Workbench, go to Settings Shortcuts.

2. In the Inline tags section, go to the bottom of the dropdown and find these three related shortcuts:

  • Run Auto-insert inline tags,

  • Accept Auto-inserted inline tags,

  • Reject Auto-inserted inline tags.

Set the keystroke combination for each of them, click Apply and then Save the changes.