How to set shortcuts in XTM Workbench


  1. Go to XTM Workbench for a specific project (see How to open a file for translation in a created project for more information).

  2. Click the Settings section on the top left toolbar. Then, from the dropdown list, select Shortcuts.

2024-05-07 12_54_00-Window.png
  1. Once in the dialog, go to Shortcuts and scroll down to find the category of options that you want to set up a shortcut for. Then expand the relevant category to see shortcuts for particular actions. Next, click on the currently existing shortcut to change it or, if no shortcut has been configured for a particular action, click on Set shortcut.

  1. A separate popup window is displayed. In it, set a shortcut and then select Save.

A suitable warning message is displayed if XTM Cloud detects that the shortcut you attempt to set is already in use.

  1. The shortcut has now been set. You now need to select Save in the main Shortcuts window to confirm the changes.