How to import terminology into XTM Cloud


  1. First, you need Terminologist role to able to import XTM terminology. To activate the role, go to Users → User list → (select a user) → General General info, and apply the Terminologist role in the Roles section.

  1. Next, in the Access rights tab, and then in the Terminology section of the user’s settings, enable the Import option.

  1. Once you have a user with the relevant rights, go to Terminology Import.

  1. Proceed as follows:

  • Select a Customer to add the imported terms to.

  • Select a Source file containing the terms you want to import. Keep in mind the restriction concerning valid file extensions: XLS, XLSX, MTF, TBX.

  • You can use the Add to existing concepts option to specify that, if a term already exists in the selected language, translations will be added to the existing concept, rather than creating a new concept. To activate this option, choose a language from the dropdown list. Otherwise, new concept entries will be created.

  • The Use term and concept IDs from the import file option allows you to export and import terminology based on unique IDs, which results in improving the management and update of homonyms.

  • Choose the relevant Status for newly-added terms.

  • Use the Set tags option to apply tags from the customer's tag groups to the imported terms.

  • Finally, click the Import button.

  1. Once the terms have been imported, their status will be Success. It will be listed in the Status column under the import form.