How to align translated documents


  1. As a Project Manager or an Administrator, go to the Users User list, and click the user that is intended to perform the alignment.


Remember that this user needs to have the Project Manager role.

  1. Go to Access rightsTranslation memory, and add the Align access right to the correct column in the tab screen and click the Save button.

  1. As a user with the Align access right, go to TM Align.

  1. Enter a Reference name, select Source and Target languages, select Source and Target files, select Customer and then select additional options if needed. For instance, select Filter template if you want your aligned content to go through certain file-processing rules (e.g. conversion of variables into inline tags, etc.). Finally, click Align.

  1. The requested alignment is displayed in the Alignment history. Wait until the Status changes from In progress to Done.

  1. When the status has changed to Done, click Download.

Good to know!

Keep in mind that the alignment process might take some time when the glossaries are generated for the first time. It depends on the size of the documents. If no bilingual dictionaries exist in XTM Cloud, the process is slower.

Also, XTM Align is not available on freelance XTM Cloud and group accounts. You need align access rights to use these features!