How to create tags and tag groups


During project creation, project managers can define which tag groups and tags are to be used in the project. Then, any TM generated during this particular project will automatically contain the tags.


  1. As a user with the Administrator role, go to Configuration → Data → TagsTags, and click the Add button.

  1. Enter the name for a new Tag group. Then enter names for as many Tags as you need. Also, if you want to restrict the number of customers for which particular tags shall be applicable, you can select one or more customers from the Customer drop-down, by clicking on each relevant customer name. Finally, click the Save button and close the window.

XTM Cloud automatically replaces spaces with underscores in tag names.

  1. The new tag group is added to the list together with its tags.

  1. Next time you create a project, you can apply the previously created tags in the Tag settings section.