How to add tags to TMX files


Sometimes you might want to add tags to a project TMX file without having to implement those tags during project creation or set them up during TMX import. Here is a step-by-step guideline to the steps you follow, to do this.


  1. First ensure that the tags you want to add do exist on the XTM Cloud account (in case you would like to import this TM to the instance at a later time). As a user with the Administrator role, go to Configuration Configuration → Data → Tags → TagsTag groups.

  1. Choose the relevant project and go to Project editor → FilesTMX, and download a TMX file.

  1. Open the file in Notepad++. Below is an example view of the file that contains two segments. In it, elements that will need to be replaced have been marked.

  1. Find the first occurrence of <tuv xml:lang="en-GB"> (this will differ, depending on the source language, because we are always looking for the source language in this case) using the Find&Replace function (Crtl + F).

  2. Assuming you would want to add the following tag to the file, as an example:

  • Tag group: Boolean → Tag: TRUE.

Replace all of the above occurrences with <prop type="Boolean">TRUE</prop><tuv xml:lang="en-GB">.

  1. Save the file.

Good to know!

If you want to add two or more tags from different tag groups, for example:

  • Tag Group1: Boolean → Tag: TRUE;

  • Tag Group2: CommType → Tag: GuestComm.

you then have to replace all <tuv xml:lang="en-GB"> occurrences with <prop type="Boolean">TRUE</prop><prop type="CommType">GuestComm</prop><tuv xml:lang="en-GB">.