How to check a cost estimate and generate a purchase order


  1. Go to Projects Project list, click on the context menu for a particular project and select Manage workflow.

2024-05-07 08_13_01-Window.png
  1. Assign linguists to workflow steps. Then click the Save button.

2024-05-07 08_16_24-Window.png
  1. Go to the Estimates tab. In the Proposal section, you can see a project cost estimate.

  1. Click the Costs tab, select a method for generating costs from the dropdown. Then click the Generate button.

  1. The costs have now been generated.

  1. Open the context menu for the generated costs and click View.

  1. Open the context menu for the linguist and click Generate PO.

8. The purchase order will download.

Good to know!

Keep in mind that user costs will not generate straight away. Certain prerequisites need to be met first. To research the most common issues involving cost generation, we recommend that you read the following article: Costs generation – most common issues & troubleshooting.