How to create a project template


When you create a project, you can save it as a template. Project templates store information about the workflow and project details. To create a project, you need to have a customer. For details, we recommend that you read the following article: How to create a customer.


  1. Go to Projects → Project listAdd project.

  1. Select a Customer, and then enter a Project name. Note red asterisks on the left-hand side which indicate obligatory fields.

  1. Select a Source language and one or more Target languages.

  1. Select a Workflow, and then click the Save as template button.

  1. Enter a Name for the template and choose the Type: specify whether you only want the template to be used with this customer or with all customers. You can also add a Description in the text field. Click the Save button and Close the window.

  1. Your newly-created project template will be added to the Templates list.

  1. Click on the project template in question to enter the template’s details, for further changes, if necessary. In it, you will see three sections:

  • General info

  • Project details

  • Workflow

  1. You can now use this project template next time you create a project.