How to manage terminology in XTM Cloud


XTM Cloud incorporates a comprehensive terminology module. This is a database of your terms which includes a concept, definition, context, image, multilingual translations, and remarks. In XTM Workbench, the system identifies and highlights terms in the source text that are in the term base. Approved translations for terms recognized in the active segment are displayed in the docked panel.

To have access to the terminology section, the user needs to have a Terminologist role applied in the user’s settings.

In addition, in the Access rights tab, and then in the Terminology section of the user settings, you can specify the customers to whom a particular user shall have access, use user's language combinations only or customize specific terminology access rights.


  1. Go to the Terminology Manage section.

  1. Find the terms you want to manage by filtering by Customer, Language, approval Status, Translation language or searching for a specific Phrase. Alternatively, click Search without applying any filters to display all of your terminology.

Further refine your search with advanced criteria: click on the Advanced Search option on the right-hand side of the page to display a vast range of criteria. Select the required criteria.

  1. In the Search results, located on the left-hand side of the page, click the numbers in the dropdown menu to move forward or backward through the pages of your filtered terms. Use the Export button to export your filtered terms directly from this page, and the Trash to delete all terms from this list.

  1. Select a term from the list to edit its metadata fields. Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to Add a new translation for the selected term, Cancel your changes or Save them.

All the translations of the selected term are displayed in the Translations section beneath the Term section.

  1. To define relationships between, terms click the Related terms icon on the right-hand side of the Concept section of a particular term.

Enter a search phrase or filter the list of terms. Then click the Search button. Select terms from the list and click the Save button. The terms selected for defining a relationship are listed at the top of this window.

All the related terms for the selected term are displayed under the Concept section.

  1. If you previously made any changes to the term in question, you can display the history for those changes by clicking on the Clock icon in the term's entry. To revert a term to a previous version, click the icon next to the version of the term that you want to restore in the History section. Do not forget to save the changes.

Good to know!

To find out more about terminology metadata in XTM Cloud, we recommend that you read the following article: Terms & Metadata.