How to set custom language combinations in XTM Cloud


XTM Cloud comes with a full set of language combinations, so project managers can choose any source and target language they require when creating a project. However, many users only work with a limited set of source and target languages. You can therefore reduce and customize the available languages that you use. As an administrator, you can set language combinations for the entire XTM Cloud system and then you or the project managers can set specific language combinations for individual customers.


  1. As a user with the Administrator role, go to the Configuration → Data → Language combinationsCustomise. Select Customised language combinations only and click the (+) symbol next to Add source language.

2024-05-07 09_57_49-Window.png
  1. Select the source and target languages. Make sure they have been added to the column on the right, then click the Add button.

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You can select multiple source and target languages. If you do so, XTM Cloud will create all the possible language combinations.

  1. Once it is finished, the languages will be displayed in a row.

In the bottom section on this page, you can edit the factors used for creating estimates for each language combination. If you customize the factors in this location, you set the default values for the entire system.

You can change the:

  • Price factor → The base price is multiplied by the price factor, so if the price factor is 1 (the default) the price does not change. If the price factor is greater than 1, the price is increased and if it is lower than 1, the price is decreased.

  • Duration factor → This is similar to the price factor but changes the duration of the translation process and has an impact on the delivery date.

  • The minimum charge factor → The customer minimum charge is multiplied by the minimum charge factor to increase the minimum charge (>1), decrease (<1) or leave it unchanged (=1).

  • The minimum text count (either words or characters) → You can change the default value by entering any value >= 0 in that parameter. -1 means that the default should be applied.

  • Pricing method → If you charge by character count rather than word count, set this value here. Use a character count for languages such as Japanese and Chinese.

  • Availability → This language combination is available to customers and PMs; PM only – Only project managers can create projects with this language combination. o Unavailable - You do not offer this language combination.

  • Auto quoting → Use this field to distinguish between commonly used language combinations that your agency can start translating immediately (auto-quoted) and language combinations for which you need to contact linguists first, to check their skills and availability, and you cannot predict the price or the delivery time (non-auto quoted).

  • → This column displays how the language combination has been defined. A yellow star indicates that the combination has been defined for the entire system and no star means that the system is using default settings.

At this point, it is possible to add target languages to the selected source language (or add a new one). To add a target language to an existing source language, first click Add target language and then select the new target language from the dropdown list. Edit the factors (if required) and Save the changes.

  1. Next time you create a project, you can select one of the globally configured source languages and its corresponding target languages in the Translation section.

Good to know!

You can also create custom language combinations per customer in XTM Cloud. To find out how to do so, we recommend that you read the following article: How to set custom language combinations for a customer.