How do I batch finish projects?


This article explains how you can finish multiple projects at once, in XTM Cloud.


  1. In XTM Cloud, select Projects → Project list → Actions → (expand the dropdown) → Basic.

  2. Select Manage Projects.

  1. Select the projects that you want to finish.

  2. Select Run.

It is important to perform the procedure in the sequence described: first select the relevant projects, select Manage Projects and then select Run, because doing it the other way round will choose all projects on the page. You can also select Advanced search to find the relevant projects and then select Manage Projects right away: this will apply to the projects found by the search.

  1. Select Manage projects → Assign linguists.

  2. Select the relevant Linguist(s) for each work step.

  3. Select the Finish workflow button.

  1. If the projects included have different workflows, you must select those workflows individually, to finish those projects. Select the workflows from the The selected projects projects have different workflows. Choose a workflow: dropdown.

To activate the Finish workflow button, you must assign and start the workflow in the selected projects.