How to obtain XTM Workbench URL (XTM Workbench instance ID)

@Damian Rozmiarkowski Oct 28, 2025


A great deal of the issues reported by clients are related to XTM Workbench; for instance, the window will not open or the whole session is slow. Whatever the cause, the most crucial thing for the XTM International Support team as a starting point when dealing with such cases is the XTM Workbench URL (XTM Workbench ID). This ID is unique for every single occasion that a XTM Workbench session is opened. If someone closes the XTM Workbench window and then reopens it, the XTM Workbench ID will be different.


To obtain the XTM Workbench ID, open Workbench for a particular file. You will find the Workbench URL at the top of the page, in the URL field:

XTM Workbench URL

The part the XTM International Support team is interested in is the one marked red, as shown below:

XTM Workbench ID

Copy either the ID or the whole URL and inform the XTM International Support team about it to speed up resolution of the case.