How to find basic contact details (URL, company name, project name)


Every issue reported to the XTM International Support team by clients should contain basic contact details for that specific client. This information is crucial as it enables the exact location of the reporting client to be identified quickly, reducing the ticket resolution time. The information below concerns both Project Managers and Linguists (without administrative privileges).


URL address

It can be found in the URL field of the page once the XTM Cloud platform is entered, and the user logged into an account.

Here, the only thing of interest is the root part of a particular URL.

Company name

The company name is what is entered in the first field Company name on the XTM login page:

Aside from that, you can quickly find your company name by clicking on the user profile on the right-hand side of the page after logging into the platform:

Project name

The project name can quickly be found in a number of places in the XTM Cloud UI:

  • Go to Projects → Project list → Simple search, under the Name column:

  • Go to Tasks → Planned/Active/Closed, under the Project column (for linguists assigned):

  • In XTM Workbench at the top of the page:

Good to know!

When a particular problem is related to only one project, it is highly recommended that project managers use the Report problem form to report the issue since it already contains all the above-mentioned details. It can be found in the project context menu in the main view: