How to use browser's developer tools (Dev Tools)


When you are reporting an issue to the XTM International Support team, it is good to send your request with Dev Tools screenshots already attached. This approach will enable the time needed to respond to and analyze the issue to be cut. Note, however, that the Dev Tools should be opened prior to the issue occurring. In rare cases, the error messages will linger in the Dev Tools, even if you open them after a particular problem occurred.


To invoke Dev Tools, select F12 when using your browser.

To invoke Dev Tools, select F12 when using your browser.


One of the most important parts of the Dev Tools is the Console tab. It provides basic information about JavaScript related to a particular page. If an issue occurs, and there is a red message in this window, take a screenshot and send it to us along with your support request.


The Network tab is rather different from the Console tab. Here, before you start collecting data, you must select Start recording or press the Ctrl + R key combination. As soon as you do this, you will see a multitude of API calls. As with the Console tab, the red color means an error.

You can click on the Initiator for the error message to display the request's details. A screenshot from the Network and the Initiator must be supplied to the XTM International Support team along with your request.