System overview (linguist account)


  1. Navigate to the URL of your XTM Cloud server (for instance,, enter your credentials, and then click the Log in button.

  1. Go to the Tasks tab. It lists all planned, active and closed projects.

  • Planned projects have been created by a project manager but have not been started yet.

  • Active projects are ready to be worked on by a linguist.

  • Closed projects have been finished by a linguist.

  1. The Tasks list displays basic information about projects. The progress bar shows how many words have already been translated in a particular task.

  1. Go to the TM tab. The TM tab contains options for managing, importing, exporting and aligning translation memories. The Translation Memory (TM) is a database that stores completed translations.

  1. Go to the Terminology tab. The Terminology is a database dedicated for terms. It is extracted from a source text and translated before the translation of content begins. You can manage, import and export your terminology.

  1. Go to the Configuration tab. To change your details, select User Details. Then, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Click the Question mark icon on the right-hand side to display guidance and information.