Subject matter factors


This article provides some insight into subject matter factors in XTM Cloud. A subject matter defines the domain from which the project source files originate. The available Subject matter values depend on the system and customer settings in Language combinations.
Examples (but there are many more as standard):

  • Aerospace

  • Agriculture

  • Arts and Culture

Subject matter factors

You can configure subject matter factors in the global settings for your XTM Cloud instance (select ConfigurationDataSubject matter factors). Administrative privileges are required!

You can also configure subject matter factors for an individual XTM Cloud customer. To do so, select CustomersCustomer list → (select a customer) → Subject matter factors.

Now, if you set different subject matter factors globally and per customer, the customer’s data will not overwrite the global values. Instead, new subject matter factors will be created for this customer.

For this reason, these subject matters will be listed twice in a customer-specific project template (select Project template editorProject detailsTranslationSubject matter):

The same is true for selecting a subject matter at the project creation stage if the relevant customer is selected first: