What is the Difference between an Unavailable User and a Deactivated User?


In XTM Cloud, users can be designated either deactivated or unavailable. These two statuses differ, so it is important to understand when to use them.

To select one or both of these statuses from the dropdown, select Users User list → (select an user and open the context menu) → Actions.

Note that you can apply both statuses to a single user at once.

What is the difference between deactivated and unavailable status?


If you select the Deactivate option for a user (Linguist), they cannot log into XTM Cloud until they have been reactivated. They cannot be assigned to projects in XTM Cloud. It is important to note that if you select the Deactivate option for a user, this DOES impact existing assignments. The Linguist will be deassigned from existing projects and will need to reassigned to those projects after until the Linguist has been reactivated.

When a Linguist is assigned for a particular workflow step, you will see that the Linguist name has the suffix-- inactive. Keep in mind that this is not a real user, who has been assigned. This is just another user instance with the same name that is has the suffix mentioned above.

Additionally, when a Linguist is reactivated, they will be placed last in the group allocation order

Set as unavailable

If you select the Set as unavailable option for a user (Linguist) to set them as unavailable, this only means that the user cannot be assigned to new projects in XTM Cloud. Existing assignments and ongoing work in projects remain UNAFFECTED. This setting also does not impact the XTM Cloud UI: the user can still perform actions there. For these reasons, we recommend that you select this option if you want to avoid a Linguist to be assigned to projects because, for example, they are on vacation.

Good to know!

  1. It is essential to note that if a user is deactivated or set as unavailable after being assigned to an XTM Cloud project, no notifications will be sent to anyone to inform them. 

  2. When you deactivate a user, it is impossible to search by their username (by selecting ProjectsProject listAdvanced Search). When an Advanced Search is performed for a username, the filter searches for an exact string so it cannot find the user, because it is not assigned to the workflow.