File size limitations: XTM Cloud UI & API


There is a certain size limitation for uploading files to a particular XTM Cloud instance. This article provides details about this limitation and provides guidelines on how that limitation can be changed.

File size limitations

XTM Cloud UI

In the following areas of the software, the file size that you can upload to Public Cloud, XTM Suite or Private Cloud (PVC) at one time is limited to 700MB (see Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Suite – server differences to learn more about types of XTM Cloud product). This limitation applies for the following file types:

  • Source files in project creation.

  • Reference material for projects or customers.

  • Translation memory import.

  • Customer data import.

  • User data import.

  • Files used during alignment.

The terminology import limit is 150MB.

If you have files that exceed the supported file size, compressing them into a .zip file might reduce their size.

XTM Cloud automatically deletes old target and preview files from projects. It checks the number of files in the history for each file type and removes old files over a set limit. By default, the oldest files are removed if:

  • there are more than 10 files.

  • there are more than 3 files and the total size for all files is greater than 100MB.


As far as uploading files via API is concerned, there is no actual limitation here. You should see a timeout after some time, but the software will continue the file upload process.

How to change the file size limitation

The file size limitation can only be changed by the XTM Support team. Submit a suitable issue request via the Customer Portal and provide your request details.

Please keep in mind these conditions:

  1. The file size limitation can only be changed for XTM Suite and Private Cloud (PVC) instances! It is not possible to change it in any way for Cloud-based (Public Cloud) clients!

  2. Changing the file size limitation requires a server downtime that will probably last a couple of minutes, since the XTM Cloud application needs to be restarted after the change. At this point, you should schedule a downtime with your XTM International Support agent.

  3. Large files take more time to analyze in XTM Cloud. See What affects the time that the project analysis takes? to learn more about the factors contributing to the overall project analysis time in XTM Cloud.