How to find a project ID


The project ID is one of the most crucial things when it comes to handling a specific project, whether for management or identification purposes. Every new project created in XTM Cloud is assigned one. Also, in the vast majority of cases, a project ID is one of the first items requested by the XTM International Support team when resolving various issues raised by clients.


Project managers can find out the project ID in three places within the XTM Cloud UI:

  1. Go to Projects → Project list, and click on the information tooltip on the right-hand side of the project to display its ID:

2024-06-04 09_24_16-Window.png
  1. Go to Project editor → Workflow → Job context menuAdditional Job details:

2024-06-04 09_29_15-Window.png
  1. Project/file history for a specific project, in column G:

Good to know!

To create a support ticket for the XTM International Support team, use the Report problem form. To access it, use the context menu for a specific project:

The project ID will be inserted in this form and so visible to the XTM International Support agent.