File download and upload options


In XTM Cloud, you can manage which files your Linguists are allowed to download and upload. To do so, set the global settings for your XTM Cloud instance. Select ConfigurationSettingsTranslationWorkflow and accessLinguist general optionsAllow linguists to download checkbox or Allow linguists to upload checkbox (administrative privileges required!).

Instructions about file formats

  • The Source and Target options refer to the source and target files.

  • An Excel multilingual file is also an available target file type which can be generated if a particular XTM Cloud project uses the multilingual Excel configuration.

  • An Unclean DOC file is a special bilingual target file that needs to be further processed in other software.

  • PDF, HTML and Excel extended table files belong to the Preview files category.

  • An Excel extended table file belongs to the preview files category (not source or target file) because it is a report that contains a lot of additional information at segment level, and reviews. Nevertheless, it can still contain source and target text.

  • A TMX file contains a project’s translation memory.

  • TIPP, XLIFF, XTM Excel Editor and PDF review files are offline translation files which can be generated and used to perform translation outside of XTM Cloud.

  • Alternative translation files are which can only be generated when alternative translation settings are enabled on your XTM Cloud instance (ConfigurationSettingsProjectsProject types). They contain segments containing alternative translations. For more information, see How to enable and set up alternative translations.

What if the subcontractor Linguist cannot download the file?

Although we are aware of an issue related to customer settings that affects the ability of subcontractor Linguists to download source files, this problem can be resolved by checking the customer settings. However, if this solution does not work or you encounter other issues, do not hesitate to contact the XTM International Support team: to do so, raise a ticket with the XTM International Support team, on our Support Portal.