How to Arrange a Project Review


This article is intended to provide you with information about on how to review a project/translation, online or offline.

Adding a Review step

Our recommended way to arrange a project review is to add the Review step to a workflow and assign a Reviewer directly. When the translator finishes the translation, the Review step will become active and the Reviewer will be able to access XTM Workbench from the Tasks tab screen, just like the translator:

  1. In the project, select the Workflow tab.

  2. In the Workflow tab screen, select Edit Workflow.

  3. Click on the small plus sign after the last workflow step:

You can add the Review step there.

Working Offline

You can arrange an offline review by exporting the XLIFF file from XTM Cloud and sending it to the reviewer. When they have entered their comments, they return the XLIFF file to you. You import it back into the project in XTM Cloud. You can do this in the project, in the Files tab screen. This article provides details: Restrictions and good practices when dealing with XLIFF and multi-XLIFF files in offline translation. However, we recommend that you arrange reviews directly in XTM Cloud, because that is easier.