Customizing the XTM Cloud login page


If required, you can customize the XTM Cloud login page. This involves adding a custom company logo and/or a custom background image. This article describes how these components can be set up and the restrictions that apply to doing so.


The company logo can be customized within the framework of a dedicated feature in XTM Cloud. It works for all types of XTM Cloud product: Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Suite (see Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Suite – server differences to learn more about types of XTM Cloud product).

To configure a custom company logo, log into XTM Cloud and go to Configuration → Settings → System → General → SystemCompany logo.


A user with an Administrator role is required, to enable this option!

As a result, the custom company logo will not only be displayed in the upper left corner of the XTM Cloud UI but also on the XTM Cloud login page.

Custom background image

A custom background image cannot be configured on the user end. This is actually a paid task and requires a cost estimation from XTM International. The implementation time is usually around one business day, depending on factors such as the image resolution, design and size of the image file you provide.

Once you submit a request for implementing a specific background image, the XTM International Customer Success team will soon contact you and discuss details such as costs, estimated time of arrival (ETA), etc.


Contrary to the custom company logo, a custom background image can only be applied for clients residing on XTM Private Cloud (PVC) and XTM Suite instances. Cloud-based clients (Public Cloud) do not have the possibility to customize the XTM Cloud login page with a custom background image.