How to request a new configuration or change to an existing one

New configuration

When you request a configuration, the most important thing to tell us about is the required outcome: please do so in as much detail as possible.

Create a suitable ticket for the XTM International Support team and provide the following details:

  • What should (or should not, if that is the case) be translatable; for example, columns in an Excel file, XML nodes, etc.

  • What files will be used for projects using this configuration or, more specifically, which file extensions? Examples: XLSX, DOCX, XML.

  • The URL you are using to access XTM Cloud and the company name used during the login process.

  • Where should the configuration be set up? Should it be a filter template, a customer-specific configuration, or set up globally for all the customers? Remember that there is a configuration hierarchy within XTM Cloud (for details, see How can a source file be processed and what are configuration levels? for more information).


Case: There is a configuration set globally that, in Excel files, column “A" is not to be extracted for translation.

Result: The "A" column will not be translated.

Case: Given the customer’s “Test customer” configuration is defined as having the "A" column translatable.

Result: The "A" column would be translated in projects for this customer, but not in projects for other customers.

Case: Given the filter template configuration to translate column "A" cells if the "B" column contains the word "translate" next to the cell, and we use this filter template for the project.

Result: All the cells in column "A" with the word “translate” in column "B" will be translated.

  • Provide the XTM International Support team with examples of source files that are meant to be used with the new configuration. Having example source files provided has proven to greatly speed up the configuration development process.

  • If the new configuration would be similar to an existing one, but with changes, tell us so. When this information is provided to us, we can understand the basis of the presented issue more deeply and understand what the expected outcome is much more quickly.

If attachments are too big to send by the e-mail, we suggest creating a test project with the name “XTM International Support test project, ticket: (…)”.

Remember: the more information provided, the better solution we can implement.

I would like to have changes implemented…

It is probably simpler to implement changes in an existing configuration than to create a new one from scratch.

Before you request the changes, first consult your team members to determine whether or not any of the changes would negatively affect old, current or future projects. If so, we highly recommend creating a new filter template, as this is as simple as copying the files, but with slight modifications. If you have any questions about whether a particular change would affect some projects, ask us.

If you do not want to create a new configuration and modify the existing one, point us to an existing project in which the configuration is used and specify what changes should be made to it.

Good to know!

Keep in mind that you can create some simple file configurations on your own, in XTM Cloud UI! See the following article to learn more: How to create a filter template in the XTM UI and apply it to a project.