Working with Video Preview in XTM Cloud


This article explains the video preview feature in XTM Cloud.

How does Video Preview work?

The video preview feature supports SRT files. SRT is a common subtitle file format. An SRT file can be added during the project creation stage (in the Video preview section) or in the project’s settings. To access them, select Project EditorFiles. SBV files can also be used to provide subtitles simply by changing the SBV file extension to SRT.


Note that you can only add preview links after adding a subtitle file. The URL cannot be passed through API. Also:

  • Only one preview link can be added per file.

  • One preview link can be used more than once.

  • Available preview sources are YouTube, Vimeo and direct links to .webm and .mp4 files.

Keep in mind that only direct links to videos from YouTube, and Vimeo are supported. Unfortunately, channels and short videos are not currently supported. This is an example of how to format the short video to create a URL that works:


As you can see, these changes must be made: has to be removed, the also has to be removed and

  1. Remove www. part.

  2. Remove/shorts/ part.

  3. Change http://youtube.comto

It is planned implement improvements in XTM Cloud to support links to YouTube Shorts and to support a second file format (VTT) in the future.