How to lock segments with pre-processing, in XTM Workbench


The XTM Cloud Manual contains information about the feature in XTM Cloud:

2024-07-16 08_55_37-Window.png

You might want to use that option when you want to lock segments so they will be not passed to the new workflow after the pre-processing stage.


  1. To lock the segment, you would need to have a user with the access rights to lock segments. The setting for locking segments is accessible in Users → (select user) → Access rightsWorkbench.

  1. Now you will be able to lock the segment manually in XTM Workbench:

  1. After you lock a particular segment in the pre-processing workflow, the linguist will not be able to edit that segment in the new workflow after the pre-processing stage:

Furthermore, this feature will only work if the Yes, source segmentation option is enabled in the pre-processing section, when the project is created:

This feature can be useful if you have segments that you do not want to be changed in subsequent steps.