JMS & consumers

@Damian Rozmiarkowski May 27, 2025


Checking the processing queue

  • The queue can be checked using the console or in the web browser. In the console, run:

links http://localhost:8161/admin/queues.jsp
  • Alternatively, the queue can be checked in the web browser. To do this, paste this code in your browser, changing the domain to the one you have your XTM Cloud application running on:


You will be then prompted for a username and password, both of which can be acquired by writing to the XTM International Support team.

Restarting the queue

To perform a full restart of the queue, a full restart of the xtm application needs to be done first (see (Re)starting the XTM Cloud application and its components to find out how to do this).

However, in most cases, the restart of processing should be enough. To restart processing, login as the XTM Cloud user, and then run:

sudo systemctl restart xtm-pm.service

When there are no consumers in the queue or the queue is stuck at processing

Simply restart processing as described above, in the Restarting the queue section. If this does not enable the queue to be reset, do as follows: