XTM Cloud file tree & locations


  1. The XTM Cloud application's default installation catalog is placed in main OS root tree: /xtm. In some cases, the installation path might be different, so to find the XTM Cloud application folder, you can use the basic find command, for example: find / -type d -name "xtm".

In this particular case, we search the whole OS tree, looking for a directory called xtm – this command might produce a few results, but the folder highest in the tree is the one we are searching for.

  • Sample output for the above command:









  1. When we find the main XTM folder, we can check what is inside.

  • Sample output for the ls -alhr --group-directories-first /xtm command:


There are some files and directories, but the most important ones are: xtm, webapps, bin, conf.

Making invalid changes to files in these folders will corrupt your XTM Cloud installation and the application itself, so be very careful with any changes made in this directory!

  1. There is also the /servers folder in the OS root tree which contains a few folders.

  • Sample output for the ls -alh --group-directories-first /servers command:

Here we can find the concatenated log directory, installer/updater files and each service's own configuration files, logs, among others.