Introduction to XTM Suite administration


An instance of XTM Cloud installed on-premises is called XTM Suite (click Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Suite – server differences to find out more about available XTM Cloud server types).

The scope of responsibilities on the XTM Cloud side is listed below:

XTM is responsible for:

XTM is not responsible for:

XTM is responsible for:

XTM is not responsible for:

  • XTM software issues fixing,

  • XTM updates/upgrades,

  • XTM functionality support.

  • Backups,

  • Monitoring,

  • SLA measurement,

  • Hardware platform support;

  • Updating operating system,

  • Maintaining operating system,

  • Availability of the database (when our application hits database performance, it falls into software support category, but when database is for some reason unavailable, and the XTM Cloud application cannot connect to it, then it is something that needs to be investigated by the client's IT staff).

Additional (paid) services include:

  • Operating system modifications/maintenance,

  • XTM migration.

Maintenance-related articles for XTM Suite administrators

Here are all the relevant articles handling maintenance-related activities for administrators.