WordPress: Automatic content submission to XTM Cloud


XTM Connect – WordPress enables WordPress content to be sent to XTM Cloud automatically by running cron jobs that are available on the server on which your instance of WordPress is installed.

The WordPress CMS can run cron jobs at the following time intervals: every hour, twice a day, daily, and weekly (since WordPress v.5.4).

XTM Connect – WordPress adds a couple of more time intervals that can be set up in the connector itself: every 15 seconds, every 30 seconds, every minute, every 3 minutes.

Note that all the cron job time intervals can be configured by the local system administrators who manage your instance of WordPress, and the XTM Connect – WordPress installation on it. Translation requesters cannot change these time intervals by themselves. If it is necessary to do so, contact your local system administrators.

If content is submitted automatically, the options for creating projects via the WordPress connector are ignored. Projects can then be created and sent for translation more quickly. Generally, this feature might be especially useful if you tend to create translation jobs, and send them for translation in XTM Cloud, in one defined way.

How does it work?

  1. To enable automatic content submission, in WordPress, select XTM → XTM Settings → XTM WPML Connector Settings → Default configuration and then select the only available option there (for now): Automatically move jobs from XTM WPML Connector to XTM Cloud, with default settings.

  2. Confirm your selection by clicking on the Save all changes button.

  1. Next, two more options will be displayed:

  • Automatically send to XTM files from translator: "First available (Local)": Select this option to enable the actual automatic creation of XTM Cloud projects.

  • Default template Id: Select an XTM Cloud project template that will be used in the XTM Cloud projects that are created automatically.

  1. Once again, confirm your selection by clicking on the Save all changes button.

  1. Once you have select the options above , any content items that are sent to the XTM WPML Jobs list (XTM → WPML Job List) from the WPML module are automatically sent straight to XTM Cloud, using the XTM Cloud project template selected in the default configuration mentioned above. An XTM Cloud project containing those content items is then automatically created in XTM Cloud without any human interaction.


As you might have noticed, enabling automatic content submission only enables you to skip the manual checking and sending of jobs from the XTM WPML Jobs list. You still need to send them off to the XTM WPML Jobs list manually from the Translation Basket, in the CMS, first.

Moreover, you need to have an active session open in your WordPress environment for the next cron job to work!