Google Sheets: Configuration template


In the XTM Connect plugin, in the Column panel, there is an option called Configuration template. Use it to save all the settings you have made while submitting content for translation in XTM Cloud. You can then use it to retrieve the content seamlessly and send it for translation again later , when required.


  1. Make all the necessary settings for your translation request.

  2. In the Configuration template section, select Export.

  1. A JSON file containing your exported configuration is saved to your local computer.

Now, when you send the next content for translation, you can restore and reuse your exported setting details. To do so:

  1. Select Import:

  1. Select the previously saved JSON file and open it.

When you are choosing a name for your exported JSON, ensure that it is clear and comprehensible so that you know what configuration they contain. This will ensure that you can use them when you need them, to send content for translation in the future.