Contentful: How to fix the "local storage" issue in Google Chrome


In Google Chrome, you might encounter a problem with displaying the XTM Connect plugin from content level or accessing it from the Apps section. In both cases, a blank page is displayed and the error shown below occurs in DevTools (see How to use browser's developer tools (Dev Tools)to learn more on how to use the browser's developer tools):

How to fix the issue

  1. To fix the issue, you need to change the cookies settings in your Google Chrome browser. To do this, go to Settings → Privacy & Security → Browser privacy → Cookies and Site DataGeneral settings. Alternatively, you can just copy the following chrome://settings/cookies link and paste it into the address bar.

  1. Make sure that the Allow all cookies option is ENABLED and the Block third-party cookies option is DISABLED.

  2. Google Chrome will save the changes automatically. To learn more about the error itself, visit this link: