Sitecore: Pre-processing workflow


XTM Connect – Sitecore supports pre-processing workflows. These can be configured in project templates, which are created in XTM Cloud, and then applied to content when translation projects are created with those templates.

How does it work?

If pre-processing is enabled in a particular project template, the source language in translation projects is locked and cannot be edited. This is because the pre-processing language is strictly linked to the source language it has been selected for, in XTM Cloud. Deselecting the source language in the project template settings results in removing the assigned pre-processing language as well.

2024-03-26 14_23427_19-Window.png

To see which languages have been assigned to this project template, hover over the blue tooltip next to the XTM template field.

2024-03-26 14_30_58-Window.png

Since the pre-processing language in XTM Cloud is not part of the localization workflow in the Sitecore CMS at all, it does not have to be mapped in the XTM Cloud settings, in XTM Connect – Sitecore.