AEM: Description of the XtmSideProjectStarter component


One of the components that XTM Connect – AEM brings to the AEM CMS is the XtmSideProjectStarter. To access it, select Adobe Experience Manager → Tools → Operations → Web ConsoleOSGi Components. Once there, press Ctrl + F and search for the phrase “XtmSideProjectStarter”.

What is this component responsible for?

The XtmSideProjectStarter component is responsible for checking project status in XTM Cloud.

When you disable this component, the AEM CMS will not be able to synchronize a job’s status with the status of the corresponding project in XTM Cloud. For example, if you create a project by “requesting the scope”, and the project is started directly in XTM Cloud, it will stay in Scope requested status in the AEM CMS. In that case, the status will not be updated automatically. However, if you finish the project in XTM Cloud and then start the project in the AEM CMS, the status will be updated correctly. In that case, if the XtmSideProjectStarter is disabled, the project should be started seamlessly in the AEM CMS.

When you enable the XtmSideProjectStarter component, the job’s status will be changed in the AEM CMS automatically, each time the corresponding project is started in XTM Cloud. For example, let’s assume you have changed the component’s cron expression to run every 30 minutes (by default, it runs every day at 05:00 PM).

Next, if you “request scope” and start the project directly in XTM Cloud, the job’s status will automatically be changed to Translation in progress, without starting the job via the AEM CMS, after the period set in the cron expression.

Disabling the XtmSideProjectStarter component does not have any negative impact on the processing of other projects created by means of XTM Connect – AEM.