What should I do if the Approve TM option has not worked?


This article provides a short troubleshooting guide to what to do when the Approve TM option in a particular project’s workflow step has not worked, for whatever reason, in XTM Cloud.


In the vast majority of cases, the problem with the Approve TM option not working stems from the fact that the workflow step under which this checkbox was selected was not processed by linguists, i.e the segments in this particular workflow step were not confirmed (set as “Done”). They need to be confirmed, they will indeed remain as “Not approved”.

Another frequent case for TM matches not being approved is that a particular segment was modified or approved in a workflow step that does not have the Approve TM option enabled. If a segment is modified in such a step, the status of the TM record will remain as “Not approved”. What is more, this workflow step might also mistakenly be the last step in an entire workflow.


For a project that has already been created , follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Workflow editor for the project (Project EditorWorkflow → Edit workflow).

  1. Add the Approve TM workflow step at the end of the workflow.

  1. Reopen the file.

  1. Make sure that the active step is before the Approve TM step that has just been added.

  1. Push the workflow forward so it passes through the newly added Approve TM step.

  1. That is it! The TM from this particular project should be set to approved in the TM database for your XTM Cloud instance.


Note that if a particular segment has not been translated nor set as “DONE” in XTM Workbench, XTM will not approve the TM match, so the solution provided above will not work for untouched segments."

In such a case, you can do it yourselves via UI in the TM tab if the amount of TM records is manageable.

XTM support can help via backend, as a last resort for a large amount of TM entries. For changing 'Not approved' status to 'Approved' on many segments, a database script must be written. Contact the XTM Support team and provide them with as much information as possible (project name, language combinations, etc.). To do so, use our Support Portal.

Alternatively, you can export the TM, change the status and import it again.