Trados Studio: Troubleshooting actions


If the XTM Connect – Trados studio plugin does not work correctly, and you cannot resolve the issues involved yourself, you will naturally want to submit a request for help to the XTM International Support team. However, before you do so, there are a couple of actions that you can perform to facilitate the issue resolution process. Since the XTM Connect – Trados Studio plugin is installed and then configured directly in the Trados Studio application, you have access to such things as connector logs and the database file.

Troubleshooting actions: specifics

As already mentioned, there are a couple of actions that you can take to facilitate the XTM International Support team issue resolution process.

Online help

First things first: if you encounter any issue related to the XTM Connect – Trados studio plugin, make sure to visit our robust official online help, dedicated to that connector. Hopefully, you will manage to find relevant information that might help resolve your issue. In Trados Studio, go to XTM Tasks, expand the Options dropdown, and click Help. The action opens an online help website. There is a comprehensive guide broken down into topics relevant to Trados Studio administrators as well as ordinary translators working with that CAT tool.

Download logs option

The easiest way to obtain all vital information for the XTM International Support team is to download the relevant package, using a dedicated option that comes with the connector plugin. In Trados Studio, go to XTM Tasks, expand the Options dropdown, and click Download logs. This action opens a dialog window for selecting the destination. You save a ZIP file with logs and database entries to the selected destination folder.

You do not necessarily need to look inside those log files and see their contents: all you need to do is submit the package to the XTM Support International team. The package itself contains:

  • a few log files that contain logs from recent weeks:

    • A log file name indicates the file creation date, for instance, 20231114 means that the log file in question was created on 14 November 2023.

  • connector database file – an XTM.db file.

Files desktop folder

It is possible to send only specific log files, only a database file, or any other file pertaining to a particular Trados Studio project. By default, on the desktop, those files can be found in the following directory: Users → (select the desktop user you are currently logged in as) → AppData → RoamingXTM.

  • When you enter a particular project folder, you will find project-specific files:

  • When you enter the Logs folder, you will find individual log files:

  • Directly in the XTM folder, there is a database file: