Akeneo: Problem resolution, "There was a problem with Akeneo families, check Akeneo families field again" message


This article provides a solution for an issue that might be encountered when you attempt to save the settings for a particular Akeneo profile, in the Akeneo Profiles tab screen in the Akeneo administrator panel. The message you see says There was a problem with Akeneo families, check Akeneo families field again. The problem occurs when the system attempts to access attribute families that are either missing from or have already been removed from the Akeneo CMS.

Root cause of the issue

The error message that is displayed in a particular Akeneo profile panel is literal – there is an issue with Akeneo families. It is possible that some of the attribute families have been deleted from the Akeneo CMS but not updated in the Administrator panel. If that is the case, it will not be possible to save new changes to all family-related options, such as the Translation status attribute, Families for translation mapping or Attributes for translation mapping, until the Akeneo families are updated accordingly, in the panel.

Therefore, if a particular family has been deleted or updated in the Akeneo CMS, these changes must also be reflected in the Akeneo profile settings, in the Administrator panel.


Remember that any changes made to families/attributes in the Akeneo CMS are not automatically reflected in the corresponding Akeneo profile, in the Akeneo Administrator panel. Every change made in the CMS also needs to be updated and saved manually, in the corresponding Akeneo profile.

What to do next?

In the Akeneo Administrator panel, compare your Akeneo profile settings with your Akeneo families, directly in the Akeneo CMS. Pay special attention to family names, attribute names, and missing/removed items in either the Administrator panel or Akeneo. If there are any differences or inaccuracies, fix them, as they are bound to be the root cause of the problem.