Akeneo: Translating Akeneo product parent levels


In the Akeneo CMS, you can create product models. These are groups of similar products that differ in some aspects (size, color, price, etc.). The product model is used to enrich these products' common properties. Using a product model’s contents, product variants are created. These are also variants of that product model. A product variant shares the common attributes of a product model but also has its own properties.

For an example, see a sample Akeneo family below. It has a hierarchical structure. Our sample Akeneo product will be based on it. As you can see, it contains:

  • attributes that are common to all levels (the Common attributes column → Parent level 1 in XTM Connect – Akeneo).

  • attributes that are only shared amongst parent level 2 and the end variant (the Platform (Variant axis) column → Parent level 2 in XTM Connect – Akeneo).

  • attributes that are unique to the end variant (the Medium (Variant axis) column → end product in XTM Connect – Akeneo).

By default, if a particular Akeneo product is a variant, i.e. it contains parent levels (which are called variant axis levels in the Akeneo CMS), only the end variant itself is submitted for translation in XTM Cloud.

In XTM Connect – Akeneo, you can send all, first or second parent levels along with the end product. To do so, use the Send parents for translation option, which is in the XTM Connect – Akeneo Add products tab screen.

How does it work?

Using the sample Akeneo family from the introductory part of this article, this is what our final Akeneo product would look like in the Akeneo CMS, where:

  • COMMON → Parent level 1;

  • PLATFORM: PlayStation → Parent level 2;

  • MEDIUM: DVD → end Product.

Note that the attributes in which text has been entered (which means they are eligible for translation in XTM Cloud), AAA in parent level 1 and Dark_fantasy in parent level 2, are locked and will not be sent off for translation in XTM Cloud by default, although they are set as localizable in general (which is indicated by the “country flag” icon next to a particular attribute). The only content that will be submitted is the Role_Playing_Game attribute from end Product.

it is also possible to send parent level 1, parent level 2 or both levels for translation in XTM Cloud, apart from end Product, using the Send parents for translation option, depending which the option you choose from the dropdown list:

  • Translate all parent levels: the AAA, Dark_fantasy, and Role_Playing_Game attributes will be sent for translation.

  • Translate first level only: the AAA and Role_Playing_Game attributes will be sent for translation.

  • Translate second level only: the Dark_fantasy and Role_Playing_Game attributes will be sent for translation.

When you select the Send for translation button, you will see a popup message in which you will be asked to confirm your choice, by either deselecting or selecting some parent levels.