Akeneo: Custom Fields mapping


XTM Connect – Akeneo offers the Custom Fields mapping feature. It is set per individual Akeneo profile, in the Akeneo Profiles section in the Akeneo administrator panel.

You can map single attributes from the Akeneo CMS to custom fields set up in XTM Cloud. This option is useful when you do not necessarily want to translate a particular Akeneo attribute in XTM Cloud but merely pass its value to an XTM Cloud project, in the form of an XTM Cloud custom field, since this attribute contains some essential contextual or other information.

How does it work?

  1. In the Custom fields mapping section, you must make settings in two dropdowns:

  • Akeneo attribute: in this dropdown, select a relevant Akeneo attribute from the CMS.

In the Akeneo attribute dropdown, you will find all the Akeneo attributes that are eligible for the mapping, not only those selected in the Attributes for translation mapping section, in the Akeneo profile.

  • XTM Custom field: select a relevant custom field that ha been created in XTM Cloud (Configuration → Data → Custom fields → Project custom fields).

2024-06-13 16_33_00-Window.png


The XTM Custom Field option only contains XTM Cloud custom fields that are of the type Text field. Other types are not supported.

In addition, the text limit for this custom field is 255 characters! Any additional characters are removed automatically.

  1. Using the example from the introductory part of this article, this is what our Akeneo attribute would look like in the CMS:

  1. Once the Akeneo attribute is passed over to XTM Cloud, within the framework of an XTM Cloud project, its value will be applied in the mapped XTM custom field and displayed in the project in XTM Cloud (Project Editor → General info → Custom fields).