Akeneo: Setting Locale-Specific Options for an Attribute in the CMS


This article provides a solution for an issue that might be encountered when you attempt to import a translated product back to the Akeneo CMS. The message you see might look like this:


You might only have imported part of a particular product, not the entire product. You can easily verify this by searching for a particular product in the CMS and checking whether particular attributes have been translated, in spite of them successfully having been sent off for translation in XTM Cloud.


The cause might be that your attribute, which makes up your product, is not set up for a relevant locale. This is one of the prerequisites for the XTM Connect – Akeneo plugin to import the attribute’s translation back to the CMS correctly.

The next section provides guidelines for setting locale-specific options for an attribute, later enabling the remaining part of the translated product to be reimported to the CMS.


  1. In the Akeneo CMS, select SettingsAttributes.

  2. Use the Code option to search for a particular attribute.

The Code option is much more effective to search for a particular attribute, than a general search bar offered by the software.

  1. When you have found the attribute in the list, click on it.

  2. In the Properties GENERAL PARAMETERS section, enable the Locale specific option.

  3. In the Available locales dropdown, select all the languages into which the Akeneo content in this particular attribute will be translated.

  1. Save your changes afterwards.

  2. Finally, go to the XTM Connect – Akeneo plugin and try to reimport the missing translations, using the manual import option.

You should seamlessly import the missing content back into the CMS. If, however, the guidelines above did not solve your problem, do not hesitate to contact the XTM International Support team by using a relevant form in the Customer Portal.